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Completely free

Apagio Analysis is a cloud-based e-procurement system. So, all sales information is accessible at any time from any device!

Speed & Flexibility

We reduce the working hours of your staff by over 70% and we integrate every type of systems!

Less typing

Typing is a waste of time, so in Apagio Analysis everything is easy with a few clicks!

Products Online

You no longer need to ask for a quote, as the prices of the suppliers' products are immediately available online

Forget everything you knew together we are entering a new era in ship supply

Equip your fleet easier than ever!

Apagio Analysis innovates and stands out by giving for the first time new possibilities and solutions in the supply of your fleet.

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We have automated procedures that allow you to check the correctness of your request by minimizing errors, directly comparing suppliers, but also to combine them with the aim of the most advantageous solution reducing time and minimizing costs.

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Using the offered filters, you can find the best solution for each country or port you want to be served.

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The requisition stage is no longer necessary, since the prices for each code are online from our suppliers and all procedures are done in real time.

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Once we have chosen the best solution you can send the demand to the suppliers, passing to the next step, the availability stage, where the suppliers check their stock by answering positively or negatively for the respective codes.

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In the case of negative availability, it is possible to immediately search for unavailable codes at other vendors without re-creating demand.

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The third and most important stage is the finalization of the order for each selected supplier separately, where we can adjust the quantities according to the needs of the ship.

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For each stage of the progress of the order you are informed immediately, so you have always the full picture.

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For each completed order, the possibility of evaluation of the supplier is available, in order to improve the quality of our services for the benefit of the shipping market.


Pending issues as a priority

At Apagio Analysis, nothing will be forgotten, as we remind you of your pending, unanswered messages, requests and orders all on the first page with instant access!

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Organization for easy management

Your requests - orders are automatically organized according to the schedule. Easily searchable database for your requests with any criterion you wish.

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We created the ultimate solution and the best procurement platform ever!

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